Customer SONAR™ offers an unique 360-degree, cross-silo perspective on customer relationships and the personality of the brand, designed to help you grasp the dynamics, the Customer DYNAMICS™, that forge strong customer bonds, maximize profits and create lasting competitive differentation.

If you’re convinced that your product or service is very much relevant and yet you are faced with low adoption (loss of revenue or marketshare) or high attrition (also know as customer churn, turnover, or defection), chances are you’ll have to work on your Customer DYNAMICS™ in order to boost business health.

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Customer CODEX™ Book Series

We’re excited to announce that CUSTOMER DYNAMICS™ – the first management book by Edwin Korver in a series named the Customer CODEX™ – covering the fundamentals of the Customer SONAR™ will be published by iCity Publishing this winter.

Early Birds: if you pre-order the book before November 1st, 2017, you’ll receive a FREE DIN-A1 poster of the Customer SONAR™ valued at 39,95 euro.

From Linear to Circular

An eye-catching aspect of the Customer SONAR™ is its circular shape. Brands that perceive the customer journey as a linear timeline or funnel subconsciously lead their customers towards the most obvious outcome: the next exit.

If it is your brand’s intention to build long-term customer relationships, you should begin to perceive the customer life cycle as a recurring circular process, much like the metamorfoses in nature. Have a look at the following examples:

Butterfly Metamorphosis
Seasonal Metamorphisis
Business Metamorphosis
Needs Metamorphosis
Relational Metamorphosis
Truth Metamorphosis
Change Metamorphosis
Customer Metamorphosis

“Not All Customers Are Created Equal”

A customer’s perception of your brand is shaped by the cumultative interactions (experiences) they have with your organization.

Gordon Selfridges, founder of the Selfridges department store in Oxford Street (London), stated in 1909: “The customer is always right”, placing the customer in the heart of the retail experience. “Retail is theatre”. Many of Gordon’s ideas can be found in department and retail stores all over the world today.

Because of the importance of customer experiences, we’ll have to map, monitor and manage all interactions with our brand. In other words: we’ll need a 360-degree, cross-silo perspective of the voice of the customer.

In this white paper we’ll explain the basics of the Customer SONAR™

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