The Customer SONAR™ offers an unique 360-degree, cross-silo view of the customer, designed to help you grasp the dynamics, the Customer Dynamics™, that forge strong customer bonds, maximize profits and create lasting competitive differentation.

If you’re convinced that your product or service is very much relevant and yet you are faced with low adoption or high attrition, chances are you’ll need to work on your Customer DYNAMICS™

Customer SONAR™


We’re working on version 3.5

As per August 15th, 2017 all access to the framework is restricted to members-only. We’ve shared our work over the years with the world. In the mean time the framework has become so valuable, that we want to keep it a bit closer to our chest.

Customers that would like to pre-order the book ‘CUSTOMER DYNAMICS – Tune in to the Voice of the Customer’ are entitled to receive a A1-poster of the latest version for free.

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Pre-order the book

CUSTOMER DYNAMICS™ - Tune in to the Voice of the Customer

ISBN 9789082722208 (Dutch) and ISBN 9789082722215 (English) - iCity Publishing

We’re excited to announce that CUSTOMER DYNAMICS™, the book covering the fundamentals of Customer DYNAMICS™ and the Customer SONAR™, will get published this fall.

Early Birds: Customer that pre-orders the book before the specified date (NL/EN) are entitled to a FREE DIN-A1 poster of Customer SONAR™, valued at €39,95


'The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.' ~Socrates

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